February 19, 2009

Head in the Sand?

I’ve just completed a run of Outcome Based AccountabilityTM (OBATM) workshops attended by a very varied group of participants from a broad range of organisations. One […]
February 10, 2009


I use trains a lot, mostly between Hull and London. I still get an almost childlike adrenalin rush every time the train pulls out of Paragon […]
February 10, 2009

Open Space

I’ve recently completed a commission for the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Local Strategic Partnership which gave me the opportunity to renew my relationship with Open […]
February 10, 2009


My local authority (Hull City Council) has just completed the process of putting out to tender third sector infrastructure support services. Just to be clear, I […]
February 6, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

To anyone out there who’s reading this – welcome to the first entry of my new blog. Before having my website totally re-designed, I’d never considered […]