Recommended On Line Resources and Publications

The Fiscal Policy Study Institution website edited by Mark Friedman with on line resources, news updates, papers and publications. The OBA/RBA implementation guide edited by Mark Friedman. The Facebook page with over 1,000 members from around the world sharing good practice and updates about RBA/OBA. Home of the web based Clear Impact Scorecard software developed by OBA/RBA practitioners for measuring and reporting performance.

Essential Reading

“Trying Hard is Not Good Enough” (Mark Friedman) Published by Parse Publishing 2015: ISBN-13 978-1516971626 The tenth anniversary edition of the “How to” book on Outcome Based Accountability™ written by its originator, Mark Friedman. It’s a practical, easy to read and comprehensive guide to improving outcomes and the essential point of reference for understanding the process.

“Turning Curves: An Accountability Companion Reader” (Mark Friedman) Published by Parse Publishing 2015: ISBN-13 978-1519199355 The companion to “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough”, ‘Turning Curves’ is a goldmine of articles, discussion papers and case studies to support the implementation of Outcome Based Accountability™. The bulk of the content is written by Mark Friedman, complemented by essays from leading OBA practitioners providing an invaluable resource and treasure trove of useful insights.

Also Recommended

“Who Is Driving the Bus? One Legislator’s Road to Accountability” (Diana S. Urban) Published by Fourth Quadrant Publishing 2014: ISBN 978-0615792903 A frank account by United States legislator Diana S Urban of her long journey swimming against a tide of cynicism to change the political culture of the State of Connecticut towards Outcome Based Accountability™ budgeting and implementation

“Stop Spinning Your Wheels” (Anne McIntyre-Lahner) Published by Clear Impact 2016 ISBN 978-0-578-18421-0 Anne McIntyre-Lahner is the Director of Performance Management for the US State of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families This book is her account of how she used Outcome Based Accountability™ to improve the effectiveness of her work and the lessons learned from implementing OBA in a large organisation.

“A Practical Guide to Outcome Evaluation” (Liz Hoggarth and Hilary Comfort) Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers ISBN 978-1-84905-037-1 This gem of a book deals with the practical challenges of evaluating outcomes. After making the case for an outcome focussed approach it includes chapters on identifying and measuring outcomes with a comprehensive range of different tools and techniques. The writers demonstrate a good understanding of Outcome Based Accountability™ and whilst the book covers a range of different approaches the content is wholly compatible with OBA thinking.


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