I am based in Hull in East Yorkshire which is also where I was born. Hull is a much maligned City; most people I talk to outside of the area tend to have a very negative view of the place, yet when they visit, they are pleasantly surprised. Hull has had more than its fair share of challenges. The heart of the City was completely devastated during the Second World War and subsequently many of the traditional industries that provided local employment have gradually declined. Yet Hull is nothing if not resilient. The city is part of the Humber Estuary, the UK’s busiest port complex and a key energy provider rapidly positioning itself as the UK’s leading renewable energies hub. Hull is a major manufacturing base for the chemical, healthcare and food industries and supports a wide range of engineering, logistics and allied businesses.

But what attracts me most to my home city is the quality of life here. Hull is an easy going, friendly and welcoming City. It’s home to the award winning Hull Truck Theatre, an excellent university, superb museums and galleries and a thriving local music scene. There is an excellent range of quality bars and restaurants and a fine collection of Georgian and Victorian buildings.

On the 20th November 2013, the Culture Secretary Maria Miller announced that the UK City of Culture 2017 honour had been awarded to Hull in the face of stiff UK wide competition. This was a major coup for the City and testament to how well the people of Hull had embraced the concept and got behind the bid. The video below was part of the final submission for the successful bid and gets to the very heart of why Hull is a City that is turning itself around. Tell the world!

Hull is located at the foot of the East Yorkshire Wolds, featuring some of the finest rural landscapes in England (just ask David Hockney) with the dramatic East Yorkshire Heritage Coastline just a few miles away. The walk eastwards along the immense River Humber from the spectacular Humber Bridge through to the City’s historic docks gives an insight to Hull’s heritage and its post war renewal. There is still evidence of Hull’s ancient history in the old town, but this now merges with the new Hull; the town centre Marina, The Deep and Humber Quays.

I’m one of the Hull and East Yorkshire Bondholders, a group of business people who are passionate about our City and contribute time and resources to help promote the area and challenge misconceptions. Check out the videos on this page and be prepared to be surprised. Better still, call in and see us. I’d be delighted to show you round!

“This City Belongs To Everyone”

With the legend: “This City Belongs to Everyone” was a video commissioned by Hull City Council in 2013 to complement Hull’s City of Culture bid. Narrated by Hull born actor Tom Courtney, it captures beautifully the essence of the City through the theme of “We are Hull”.

“Hull is Where the Heart Is”

With the legend: “Hull is Where the Heart Is” is a film by Dave Lee structured around the poem “The City Speaks” by Shane Rhodes. It was created for the City of Culture opening ceremony in 2017 and attempts to reflect the words by showing the city and citizens as they are in the present day.


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