Training Workshops

Outcome Based Accountability™: Getting from Talk to Action

(a) One Day introductory workshop

The Introductory Outcome Based Accountability™ training workshop is based on the “101” workshop designed by OBA creator Mark Friedman and has been designed in consultation with him. Examples used in the training are tailored to the client’s requirements relevant to existing strategic plans and priorities. The content features all the necessary elements to understand the OBA “journey”  from desired outcomes to delivery, covering both population and performance accountability.  Whilst geared primarily towards the commissioning organisation, the training will also be beneficial to representatives from partner organisations and stakeholders.

Elements covered:

  • The difference between Population and Performance Accountability
  • Establishing a Common Language
  • Defining Outcomes, Indicators and Performance Measures
  • Choosing Indicators
  • The Turning the Curve thinking process and practical group work
  • Introduction to Performance Accountability
  • The process for determining Performance Measures (practical group work)
  • Commissioning and pulling it all together

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the importance of the distinction between whole population and performance accountability and have the ability to explain the difference
  • Understand the importance of adopting a common language as a principal element in understanding and utilising OBA
  • Be able to use the “Turning the Curve” process to design strategy and interpret report cards at both the whole population and performance accountability levels
  • Understand how to select and use data as the basis for measuring and improving performance
  • Be able to use the Five Step method to select performance measures for services, projects and interventions
  • Through understanding of the above, have greater confidence in producing and/or interpreting report cards, improved ability to design and deliver outcome focussed interventions and ability to contribute more fully in the partnership process

The Programme

The morning element of the programme covers basic principles of OBA focussing in particular on the whole population aspect (strategic planning) and includes a Turning the Curve exercise where participants will be able to use an Outcome and Indicator as the starting point to developing appropriate actions.

The afternoon session focusses on Performance Accountability and provides an opportunity for participants to choose performance measures for a chosen project, service or intervention and apply the measures to producing a Performance Scorecard for a chosen project.  The final plenary illustrates how the Population and Performance elements fit together and how the thinking process can be adapted for commissioning purposes.

“Probably the best workshop/training facilitator that I have seen”

Workshop participant: Police & Community Safety Partnership, 29th November, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

(b) Two Day Masterclass

Designed for people who need a more in depth understanding of Outcome Based Accountability™ this workshop covers the same basic content as the one day Introductory Workshop but in much greater detail and with more space to explore additional wider applications including partnership working, commissioning and leadership.  Suitable for groups of up to 30 participants (minimum recommended number 15)

  • Aimed at: Anyone looking to develop an in depth understanding of the OBA approach to working towards outcomes for children, adults and families
  • Duration: 2 Days

“I feel I am now able to re-evaluate existing contract performance measures and embed them within contracts going forward. Great trainer. Really engaging and really useful examples and techniques I can take with me. Thank you”

Workshop Participant; Isle of Wight Council 2 Day Masterclass, Newport, 23rd & 24th January 2018



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