Best Thinking

I have been working as a freelance trainer, facilitator and consultant since January 2002 with a diverse range of statutory bodies, government agencies, partnerships, voluntary and community groups and private sector companies. My primary role is training and supporting organisations in the use of Outcome Based Accountability™ as well as designing and delivering training in leadership, facilitation and partnership working. I have facilitated a wide variety of conferences, events and workshops helping people to achieve their best thinking. My work as a consultant has included supporting organisations with issues such as strategic planning, performance management, evaluation, governance and stakeholder engagement.

Outcome Based Accountability™

Since 2007, I have specialised in training and supporting local authorities, NHS bodies, voluntary organisations and partnerships in understanding and implementing Outcome Based Accountability™ (known as Results Based Accountability™ outside of England and Northern Ireland) for strategic planning and performance management. More information about Outcome Based Accountability™ can be found here

Our Services


My core business is training and supporting organisations in the use of Outcome Based Accountability™ using training materials and techniques designed in partnership with the originator of the framework, Mark Friedman. I have worked with over 180 local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a diverse range of statutory and community partnerships and NHS organisations. I have also developed a range of training courses in leadership, facilitation skills and partnership working.


I have over 30 years’ experience as a group leader, chair and facilitator enabling diverse groups to achieve their best thinking and reach consensus on complex issues in a non-partisan, inclusive and effective way.


My approach is informed by 35 years’ experience operating in a variety of roles in the statutory, voluntary and community sectors. I follow a logical methodology working towards the desired outcome from recording an objective appraisal of what I learn from interviews and desk research to formulating practical recommendations to improve client outcomes and management efficiency.


Covid Update: August 2021

The time of writing (2nd August 2021)represents the longest period in my freelance career when I have not presented in front of group: 494 days to […]

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Towards an Equitable Organisation

Those familiar with the OBA approach to improving performance will know that the all-important Quality performance measures (how well did we do it?) include measures for […]

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Covid 19 Update

The regulations and recommendations brought in as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic have effectively suspended my Outcome Based Accountability (OBA) training activities which will […]

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