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David’s passion and enthusiasm is what makes his work as facilitator such a success. He is great fun to work with and his preparation and insight tease out all the key issues under discussion.

Dr Ian Kelly ,Chief Executive
Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce

UK Outcomes Group

About three years ago, along with other Outcome Based Accountability™ practitioners, I helped establish the UK Outcomes Group. The idea was to bring together practitioners and consultants using OBA™ in a network to share good practice and develop new skills.  In the early days we were able to enjoy the goodwill of sponsors to host meetings with contributions from practitioners across the UK.  Towards the end of last year though as the impact of public sector cuts began to be felt, it became apparent that we couldn’t sustain the network meeting on a regular basis: many colleagues had travel budgets cut, sponsorship dried up and others found it impossible to squeeze time out of the office. Signs of the times sadly.  Rather than let the initiative slip though, we decided to maintain the network as a virtual group and publish a newsletter three times a year. Thanks to the generosity of Steve Pitt agreeing to edit the publication, and a group of willing contributors, we have what I feel is a useful periodical for anyone interested in improving outcomes for children, families and communities.  You can check this out for yourself by looking on my “Resources” Page under “UK Outcomes Group Newsletters”. For the Winter 2011 issue, I have featured a profile of work I’ve been carrying out with the Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk culminating in the recent publication of their Corporate Plan.  It’s one of the best outcome focussed strategic plans I’ve seen and meets the OBA™ criteria of simplicity, brevity and common sense. All hail to that!