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David’s knowledge and facilitation skills have helped bring our business forum meetings alive. His blend of audience engagement, incisive questions and good humour has consistently been a major factor in the success of our events.

Nick Pontone ,Manager
Hull Business Forum

Outcomes and Leadership

One of my ‘soap box’ issues I rant about most is leadership, or rather the lack of it.  When I’m explaining the Results/Outcome Based Accountability™ process to people, they can be forgiven for categorising it as a simple management tool without necessarily realising how powerful it can be in facilitating change.  When I first started using OBA™ as a practitioner, I realised its value as a leadership tool because it provides a framework to help define the sort of communities people want, and help move them on from talk to action.  I’ve explained this in more detail in “Outcomes and Leadership”, a short article I’ve posted in the Resources section of this website. It defines leadership and shows how the OBA™ thinking process helps facilitate the move from talk to action.  As ever, I’d be interested in your thoughts and observations.