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NAVCA uses the services of David Burnby because he has a clear, concise style of writing, is a top class facilitator, has an expert understanding of third sector infrastructure and always delivers exactly what we ask of him.

Kevin Curley ,Chief Executive
NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action)

Outcomes and Leadership

One of my ‘soap box’ issues I rant about most is leadership, or rather the lack of it.  When I’m explaining the Results/Outcome Based Accountability™ process to people, they can be forgiven for categorising it as a simple management tool without necessarily realising how powerful it can be in facilitating change.  When I first started using OBA™ as a practitioner, I realised its value as a leadership tool because it provides a framework to help define the sort of communities people want, and help move them on from talk to action.  I’ve explained this in more detail in “Outcomes and Leadership”, a short article I’ve posted in the Resources section of this website. It defines leadership and shows how the OBA™ thinking process helps facilitate the move from talk to action.  As ever, I’d be interested in your thoughts and observations.