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David’s knowledge and facilitation skills have helped bring our business forum meetings alive. His blend of audience engagement, incisive questions and good humour has consistently been a major factor in the success of our events.

Nick Pontone ,Manager
Hull Business Forum

An Accountability Compact

It has been apparent to me for some time that the biggest challenge in developing outcome centred planning and service delivery in organisations is not so much teaching people the basics of OBA™/RBA™, but putting the theory into practice and facilitating the change in organisational culture that is usually required.   All too often, I find myself training a group of practitioners who go away very enthused about the OBA™ process only to find themselves frustrated back at the ranch by colleagues and partners who don’t get it.  Maximising the impact of OBA™ requires a clear and consistent approach across the organisation so that everyone understands the basics and at the very least, speaks the same language.  This was recognised by partners in the State of Vermont, USA where an Accountability Compact has been developed. It’s basically an agreement to support and promote basic OBA™ principles and practices across the organisation around the way people think, talk and do business.  I’ve produced a British version based on the Vermont document which you can download here in the Resources section (Outcome Based Accountability™ Tools). It’s not intended to be a legally binding contract, but a Statement of Intent that can be reviewed on a regular basis.  I look forward to being able to report on the first organisation in the UK to adopt the Compact and would be delighted to open discussion with interested parties about how it could be done.   You can contact me here.