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Whilst most of my work derives from my own client base, I also work from time to time as an Associate Consultant with other organisations. I am delighted to have associations with:


renaisinew2Renaisi has been in the business of urban regeneration for the past 10 years, working with some of the poorest neighbourhoods and communities across the country. The cornerstone of their work has been designing and delivering area-based programmes, which have characterised much of government policy during that time. This has involved assembling local partnerships; designing, delivering and evaluating regeneration projects and programmes; undertaking research and analysis; formulating policies and strategies, and engaging with a wide range of diverse communities. These days Renaisi is much more concerned with strategic development and the whole place shaping process from visioning through to the development of sustainable community strategies and local development frameworks; and with economic development and in particular delivering programmes to tackle worklessness. Understanding how strategy can be effectively delivered at the neighbourhood level is key to Renaisi’s success.

 Since August 2011, I have been working with Renaisi as a local representative for the Big Lottery funded “Big Local” programme. Big Local aims to build the capacity of local communities to better determine their own needs and unleash their own skills and initiative to create lasting change.

ABC Consulting

Asset Based Consulting is a partnership that specialises in consultancy support for local government, the NHS, community and voluntary organisations. They use an ‘appreciative’ or an ‘assets’ approach to their work. In practice this means starting with what is working in an organisation or a community, maximising the assets of individuals, families, communities and organisations bringing the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and the potential to develop in a positive direction. In an asset based approach the glass is half-full, not half-empty.

ABS is particularly interested in organisational change, community development and the ‘co-production’ of outcomes. Their approach is often to look at the ‘whole system’ rather than individual services, issues or problems. This approach lends itself to the Outcome Based Accountability™ methodology which was the foundation of our working relationship.

Outcomes UK 

As training and support using the Outcome Based Accountability (OBA) framework has become an increasingly significant part of my work, so the forging of an association with Outcomes UK made increasingly good sense. Outcomes UK Ltd was established in 2003 to offer a complementary portfolio of services to support the implementation of a range of practice, modernisation and partnership agendas, initially in children’s services and increasingly across the whole of health and social care. Their portfolio of work covers consultancy, recruitment & resourcing, workforce development, and, of particular interest to me, OBA.  We share a common philosophy and are equally committed to making a difference to people’s lives through outcome focussed planning and performance management. Outcomes UK has had many years of practical experience in the field of social care and it’s a privilege to work as part of their consultancy team.

David is passionate about making a difference and his commitment and enthusiasm is reflected in the training, workforce development and action learning work he has successfully carried out for Outcomes UK.  The evaluation of this work is highly rated and we are excited about working with David into the future

Dr Andy Gill, Head of Social Care Consultancy Practice, Outcomes UK

Agencia Consulting

AgenciaBased in Hessle, East Yorkshire, Agencia is a management consultancy offering a range of services to the public, private and voluntary sectors. Key sectors employing their services include health and social care, local authorities and the judicial services, and they have special interests in fostering partnership working. Agencia’s services include assessing the current position of organisations, developing corporate vision and objectives, and helping organisations plan for and implement strategic change – in short they are involved in growing and developing organisations.

The Agencia team brings together a range of management skills, including strategic planning, business and service development, psychology, finance and training, and most of their consultants have held top-level positions in the public or private sector.

Agencia’s consultancy work is supported by many years’ experience of working with the public to understand their views, priorities and perceptions, and to incorporate these into the strategic planning and change management process. Agencia has available the full range of market research methods including innovative techniques for assessing and comparing the relative priorities of different stakeholder groups.

David is a respected member of our team bringing innovation and creativity to the way we deliver change management. He is particularly skilled in working with multiple stakeholders

Andrew Gibson, Managing Director, Agencia Consulting

Local Government Improvement and Development Agency

The Local Government Improvement and Development Agency (LGID) The Local Government Improvement and Development Agency (LGID) works for local government improvement so councils can serve people and places better. Working with its national, regional and local partners, LGID helps councils work through local partnerships to tackle local priorities such as health, children’s services and promoting economic prosperity. The LGID is part of the Local Government Association and belongs to local government.

Since December 2008, I have been an Associate Consultant for LGID specialising in facilitation and in particular, delivering support to local authorities and partnerships on the application of the Outcome Based Accountability™ Framework.

Classlane Media

classlanelogo Classlane Media was formed by Dave Beasley back in 1988, primarily producing pop videos and live concert videos. Word of the quality of the company’s visual flair and confidence brought to productions soon spread, and created interest from corporate clients. Gradually the music work diminished as the corporate and TV work grew but the sensibilities of making exciting, fast-moving promos translated well into the new arena.

Dave has built up an impressive portfolio of clients, including national and international companies, many of whom have been with him for a long time. He is an experienced broadcast producer who has worked for Sky, Channel 4 and the BBC.

I have established an association with Classlane over the years when my brief includes front of camera work. Dave is great to work with, technically brilliant and manages to capture precisely the footage that says most about the conference or event.