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Working in law enforcement and facing the prospect of integrating other public service personnel into the wider policing family long before it became a buzz word could have been a headache without the expertise of David and his team. The training and exercising of leadership and partnership skills was unbeatable and had an immediate and positive effect on our new teams putting them at the forefront of partnership working

Russ Waterman Ma MCMI ABCI
Humberside Police

Outcome Based Accountability™

These pages are designed for anyone who wants to make a difference to peoples’ quality of life: in other words, who want to see positive outcomes for communities. By outcomes, I mean conditions of wellbeing such as:

Few people would argue with the desirability of these outcomes yet my experience trying to achieve them has been characterised by confusion and frustration. I have sat through meetings featuring presentations laden with jargon I didn’t understand (but was too afraid to challenge); seen valuable contributions from partners being ignored; been presented with glossy strategic plans that didn’t make sense; and witnessed very little measurable improvement in the things that matter.

In this context, hearing Mark Freidman speak for the first time about the Outcome Based Accountability™ framework in 2002 was a revelation. He spoke of similar frustrations from his former career as a state government official in the United States. His response was to develop a method of thinking and acting together that is simple, common sense, practical and useful. And he was able to demonstrate that it worked. Since that first meeting, I have had the privilege of training and working alongside Mark Friedman who has supported my work helping to encourage organisations to use the framework in the UK. As interest in outcome based thinking in the UK grows, this work is becomingly increasingly relevant to a broader range of organisations.

I can offer one or two day training and/or refresher sessions to Outcome Based Accountability, facilitation of “Turning the Curve” exercises with stakeholders and partnerships and consultancy on using the OBA approach to designing strategies and performance managing service provision.

David is a terrific teacher and consultant. He’s one of the people I rely on to teach and coach Outcomes Based Accountability in the UK. You won’t be disappointed working with him.
Mark Freidman, Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, New Mexico, USA

For more information about Outcome Based Accountability™ please CLICK HERE to access the “Outcome Pages”. For information and prices on OBA™ Introductory Courses, CLICK HERE

TryingHard10thEdCover300x300I’m now able to supply copies of “Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough”. This is the complete “How To” manual on Outcome Based Accountability™ written by its originator Mark Friedman. It’s a practical, easy to read and comprehensive guide to improving outcomes for children, families and communities.

“This is a book that has been worth waiting for. Friedman espouses an effective way of thinking and doing in a disciplined, but light hearted and readable manner.  This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to play a role in helping organisations help people” (Con Hogan, Former Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Human Services). 

To order a copy or copies of the book, contact me via e mail by CLICKING HERE