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Whenever I attend an event that David is facilitating I know it will be a lively and interesting meeting. He has immense knowledge of the voluntary and public sectors, always up to date with the ever changing regulations and has a remarkable ability to help everyone at a meeting get the most from it. I highly recommend him

Rikki Arundel


Better Government

I’ve just published a very short article by Mark Funkhouser, Director of the USA based Governing Institute, who talks about the value of OBA/RBA thinking in  improving community conditions.  He quotes public policy pioneer Aaron Wildavsky in saying ““The highest

An Accountability Compact

It has been apparent to me for some time that the biggest challenge in developing outcome centred planning and service delivery in organisations is not so much teaching people the basics of OBA™/RBA™, but putting the theory into practice and

Outcomes and Leadership

One of my ‘soap box’ issues I rant about most is leadership, or rather the lack of it.  When I’m explaining the Results/Outcome Based Accountability™ process to people, they can be forgiven for categorising it as a simple management tool

Update on OBA in Leeds

One of the most enthusiastic exponents of OBA™ in the UK is Leeds City Council who has used the framework to great effect in its Children’s Services Department.  Under the leadership of Director Nigel Richardson, the department has focussed on

Adnoddau Cymraeg Atebolrwydd Seiliedig ar Ganlyniadau

Rwy’n falch o gyhoeddi fy mod wedi cynnwys cyfieithiadau Cymraeg o fy neunyddiau hyfforddi craidd yn adran Adnoddau fy ngwefan. Dylai hyn gynorthwyo hyfforddwyr Cymraeg eu hiaith i gyflwyno hyfforddiant Atebolrwydd Seiliedig ar Ganlyniadau yn Gymraeg, rhywbeth na allaf ei

RBA Welsh Language Resources

I am pleased to announce that from today I have included in the Resources section of my website my core training materials translated into the Welsh language. This should help Welsh speaking trainers deliver RBA training in the medium of

Strategy vs. Lottery

When I’m asked to comment on service specifications for social care contracts, my experience is that they inevitably focus on quantity (or outputs) rather than impact on service users. Many public bodies have not moved on from the very basic

RBA/OBA Facebook Group

Mark Friedman, author of “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough” has recently launched a Facebook Group to bring together practitioners of Results/Outcome Based Accountability (RBA/OBA) to share ideas, experiences and good practice.  As of March 2012, the site has 180

UK Outcomes Group

About three years ago, along with other Outcome Based Accountability™ practitioners, I helped establish the UK Outcomes Group. The idea was to bring together practitioners and consultants using OBA™ in a network to share good practice and develop new skills. 

A Glass Half Full

For some time now, I’ve been running a parallel track with colleagues working on asset based approaches to strategic planning and community development (known as “Asset Based Community Development” or “ABCD”). The two tracks have recently begun to merge as